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Buenos Aires, a strategic spot

Buenos Aires

Argentina offers a range of great possibilities and is a direct bridge to the MERCOSUR, a market with more than 250 million consumers.

Buenos Aires is home to national and international companies and one of the main investment centers in the region. In recent years it has become one of the most attractive markets for business due to competitive costs, qualified and creative human capital, and modern communications infrastructure.

It is currently considered a leading city in the events and conventions sector, annually receiving more than 2 million business tourists from all over the world.

Security, fire and personal protection

In Argentina these sectors:

  • Include an electronic security sector with a 10,8% annual growth rate since 2011, currently employing more than 25,000 workers and billing U$965 million per year.
  • Provide services to various other markets: agriculture, commerce, finance, government, manufacturing, infrastructure, technology, telecommunications, transport and logistics.
  • Provide cutting-edge know-how that is crucial to satisfy the demand in what is a sensitive area for the population.
  • Have dynamic, highly qualified professionals.
  • Involve the entire value chain: manufacturing, importing, and integrating companies; companies specialized in services and technical support; security consultants; professionals and entrepreneurs.

Facts updated on October 2019

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