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#intersecBA Conecta

Talks on Economy, Business and Trends in the Security Industry

Today we can’t meet in the exhibition aisles but nothing prevents us from keeping in contact. #IntersecBAConecta is an initiative that offers a real meeting and support space for the community made up throughout the years in between exhibitions.

Trough a series of virtual meetings we intend to resume the contact between companies, professionals and associations, promote the analysis, and spread the news of the sector. We are sure that dialogue is the best engine to drive the industry forward in such a complex and uncertain context.

#IntersecBAConecta -August 2020:

From the 26 to the 28 August were held the fist encounters of this new iniciative:


Argentina after Covid-19

#IntersecBA Conecta - Panorama

Thursday 27 August - 11 am.

Guillermo “Willy” Kohan, economics analyst and journalist, give his view on the current economy and business.
What is the economic projection for the sector?
What will be its role within the economy recovery model?
What new needs and opportunities have arisen due to the pandemic?

Willy Kohan

Willy Kohan

Willy Kohan is an economic analyst on Radio Mitre's program: Every Morning , hosted by Marcelo Longobardi. He is also the creator and host of Somos Nosotros, on FM Milenium, and La Nación Más, the channel of La Nación newspaper. He was Journalistic Director of the newspaper El Cronista Comercial and Editorial Director of Radio El Mundo. He was also Editorial Secretary of Economy and Finance in Ámbito Financiero.

Entre Colegas

#IntersecBA Conecta - Entre Colegas

Wednesday 26 to Friday 28, August

An exchange and sharing channel to strengthen relationships between members of the industry.
Intersec Buenos Aires’ exhibitors  give lectures on different subjects and experiences. The proposals are as varied as the exhibition aisles: to promote the dialogue regarding the current situation; share news and boost the sector in an uncertainty context.

Take a look at the schedule to find out about all the activities and watch the videos of some of the talks!


The activities are free, with limited quotas.

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