Promotional material

Participating at Intersec Buenos Aires is a good starting point. Communicating to the world that you will take part is essential. Promote your presence with a series of specially designed graphic items.

The Communication and Press team has developed promotional material free of charge to incorporate your messages and indicate in which booth your company will be. Download them below!

Event logo and eye-catching

Add them to your marketing ads.

Intersec Buenos Aires: Event logo and eye-catching

e-card invitation

Send it to your contacts as personal invitation.

Intersec Buenos Aires - Invitation


Print and display it in a prominent place in your company, where your customers can see it.

Intersec Buenos Aires: Poster


Add them to your website and newsletters.

Intersec Buenos Aires: Banners


Add them to the e-mails of company's staff.  

Intersec Buenos Aires: e-signatures

Consult the instructions for use of e-signatures

Customization of digital pieces

We can adjust any of the pieces free of charge. Contact the Exhibitor´s Service Team with your request so they can assist you.

Printed Pack

Intersec Buenos Aires

Request the following printed material:

  • Invitations
    Add the name of your company and your booth number in the blank space designated: "You have been invited by:" and distribute them among your contacts.

  • Stickers
    Paste them in your paper mail. They can even be used to close the envelope.

Complete Form 12-N in the Exhibitor's Manual to indicate the amount of invitations you need by. The Exhibitor´s Service Team will inform you when they are ready for you to collect. The stickers will also be ready at that time.

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